My Liberation Notes: A Ray of Hope

Bharvi Dani
3 min readSep 6, 2022


The story is about the lives of exhausted young people who want to be liberated….

When does our life become monotonous? When do we feel that we are living the same day again and again? Does life become tedious, or have we forgotten to care for even the tiniest things in our life? Do we live life, or are we just trying to survive? The truth is that our life’s monotony makes it more colourful.

A recent show on Netflix talks about the beauty of monotonicity in life. It portrays how escaping adulthood can sometimes make you treasure the monotony of your life. My liberation Notes, an enchanting Korean drama, revolves around the life of a simple family. The show slowly captures the relationship between the three siblings of the house, their parents and the newly hired part-time worker on their farm. The changing dynamics of the family members over the years. About how one can live together for years and still not know anything about that person. Every character shares a different equation, and their relationships are genuinely reflected throughout the story.

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The drama’s plot is set in the city of Sanpo, a town quite far from the capital city of Seoul. This takes a toll on the daily commute of the three siblings, who have to travel at least four hours daily for work. It also sheds light on the fact that geography has a vital role in our daily lives. The story is quite simple yet realistic when it talks about the daily hardships of people who commute for more hours than they work. The simplicity with which day-to-day mundaneness is portrayed as the beauty of life is the charm of this show. The dialogues of the show could easily be turned into famous quotes, and they would not have been that effective without the writer, director and actors’ hard work and effort. The background score, cinematography and locations blend in very well with the storyline and character discography.

It feels like it is a compulsion to live a productive day and get chased by time.

This show might initially feel relatively slow and gloomy but is very progressive regarding the character’s development in each episode. Every character in the story has a significant role when it comes to the storyline of the show. Towards the end of this series, the lives of each family member change for good. This change is brought about by themselves and the people they associate with, a timeless lesson in how change is an inevitable law of nature. This show is a must-watch for people who enjoy slice-of-life dramas. Here are a few dialogues from the show that I feel are quote-worthy.

To a person who feels like living is too painful, getting therapy is reaching two-thirds of your way down a cliff without ending up to kill yourself.

I don’t know where I’m stuck but I want to break free.

People try to gain attention from the words they speak. In order to get more attention they twist their words and once they start doing that there’s no going back. But people who don’t do this are very special that’s why every word that they utter is special.



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