The Mythological Force

The Impact of Mythology on Millennials and Gen Z

Do you think since the past few months there has been an increasingly number of mythological memes in your feed ? And not only that all of us are lovingly accepting all these epic dramas of our ancient culture.

Our ancestors have always told us to look up-to God and our religious scriptures for a right direction and advice in the tough situations of our life. Well ever since the lock down has been declared in our country we have been following everything else that our ancestors might have said in the past which also includes the inoculation of the Hindu mythological scripts and values in its believers. The success of the epic shows such as ‘The Ramayana’ and ‘The Mahabharata’ have been its greatest witnesses. Indian mythology has always been one of the oldest forms and most widely believed forms of mythology since ages.

Did you know that the largest Hindu temple is located in Indonesia and not India?

The one thing that we all might have realized in this lock down period is how attached we all have become to our forgotten heritage and culture. It was not only about watching these shows regularly but also about following and accepting the message that they were and still are trying to spread. Many important life lessons were taught to us through these shows. The teachings of Shri Krishna and the zen mantra of Shri Ram were widely listened to. Also the shows were not so popular because they had good and famous actors but because they had easily understandable content. The dialogues were such that it made a powerful impact on a commoner’s mind. People were able to relate to the teachings in the past as well as now.

It came quite as a surprise that the young kids had started singing and memorizing the whole of the title tracks of these shows and had posted the videos of the same online. But the real question is did their parents make them understand what these shows represented and the message they were trying to spread in each individual’s life or were they just doing this to gain popularity for their child? It is very important to understand truly the essence behind these shows and not inculcating them forcibly on your child.

What benefits have the re-runs of these shows have given to the millenials and Gen Z?

  • It has made this generation realize the importance of their long forgotten history and culture.
  • They are more prone to value the scriptures from now on wards.
  • More inclination towards religion will make them a stronger and better human being in the near future.
  • They will be able to make their own lemonade when life gives them sour lemons.
  • A different perspective towards all the situations in life.
  • The courage to face their problems instead of running away from them.
  • The courage to make their own right or wrong decisions for their lives.

All this said and done , there has to be a check on not blindly following everything that is given in there. Even the Bhagvad Gita mentions that religion needs to change with time. All that was true in the past doesn’t mean it still remains the same in the future.

Change is an inevitable law of nature. Only the person who whole heartedly accepts the change is a true devotee.

There is always a way to escape things that you don’t feel like practicing but even if there is a chance and you don’t want to move out of it then somewhere even you want to live with that thing forever. That doesn’t mean rejecting everything that was said true and done in the past, it means altering things according to the time and its needs. Because the last thing we need is people jumping into conclusions based on half known facts and statements.


Our generations have always been stereotyped about how we don’t know how to behave in front of elders and television and movies have been the greatest reason behind it. People have always been saying how nothing has remained sacred anymore everything is polluted but now what I feel is with this new motivation and positive energy fueled up inside us in this lock down will not only make us more responsible but also more aware about what we are following, doing and practicing. We all have emerged as a new and better version of ourselves and we can prove this by our actions. Hoping that the stereotypes of the baby boomers and generation X against us will end soon.

The motivating factors



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